The Ardennes forest has always fascinated Sébastien Pins and he has often admired the work of the logger with his workhorse . Therefore he decided to share this discovery , that ancient and beautiful job with as many people as possible.

He tells us « I will always remember the first time I met Marc and Nina, his horse ,an animal of several hundreds kilos.... They were in the forest , the horse pulling alone several pine trees , outpacing a small man . From time to time the man would launch almost inaudible orders to his horse . The coordination between both was obviously perfect. It was real symbiosis.

Marc and Sébastien were sitting together round a fire ,and Marc shared his worries about the future of his job ... He told him that now he was considered as “ the last of the Mohicans” picking up trees with his horse Nina in places the machines could not reach . According to him the number of the loggers in Belgium can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Sébastien Pins adds « I observed Marc and saw a man marked by life and the hardness of his job but above all I discovered a passionate man : a passion he had even transmitted to his son; indeed this one had become a logger like his father. »

At that moment Sébastien decided that he would make from his coverage a short film to reach more people , even beyond the frontiers of Belgium , letting everybody know about that wonderful job .

Covering the four seasons this fiction should have been shot in one year but turned out as a true obstacle course during more than three years.